Khalatnikov Isaak

Khalatnikov Isaak

Director Emeritus of the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics; Academician (RAS, Russia)

Honorary Director of the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian physicist, fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Khalatnikov graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State University in 1941.

In 1945 through 1965, Khalatnikov worked at the Institute for Physics Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Since 1954, he has been a professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Since 1965, he has been director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences (now Russian Academy of Sciences).

Khalatnikov worked with Lev Landau to create the theory of quantum liquids and developed it relating to liquid helium. He is the author of scientific works on relativistic hydrodynamics, quantum mechanics, relativistic cosmology and general theory of relativity. Khalatnikov developed hydrodynamics and the theory of kinetic phenomena in superfluid liquid and quantum liquid of the Fermi type. He posed and solved the problem of asymptotical behaviour of the main functions of the field theory (Green’s functions of photons and electrons) at large momenta, and also developed the original method of summing up infinite sequences of Feynman diagrams that later became widely applied in statistical physics. Khalatnikov also studied the issue of existence and peculiarities of the time singularity in the general cosmological solution of Einstein equations in gravitation theory. His works are devoted to hydrodynamics of the superfluid 3He, the theory of dynamic fluctuations and cosmological issues.

In 1953, Khalatnikov received the State Prize of the USSR.

In 1974, he was awarded the Landau Prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences.