President: Negotiation With Threats Or Sanctions Useless

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after delivering his speech in the UN General Assembly session said that diplomacy with threats or sanctions is useless and no one should expect it bear any results.

Answering the first question by UNTV network concerning recent statement of President Obama on Iran's nuclear issue who had said Iran could not prove its obligations to the NPT, Ahmadinejad said, 'Imagine that we could not prove our obligations to Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Can Obama’s government and its allies prove to NPT that their nuclear program is peaceful?'

Replying to a question concerning Iran’s diplomacy, Ahmadinejad said that we have always believed in diplomacy and we think by imposing sanctions or threats we can not hope that diplomacy would bear results.

He noted that time for threat and sanctions has gone and dialogue is the only solution to problems.

'We have always believed in dialogue in an equal postion and upon justice, but until the US considers its position higher than others and the law, we should not expect that negotiation reach to any result.'

He added that the policy of carrot and stick belongs to the colonial era and Iran does not accept threats by the US or any other countries.

Referring to Tehran Declaration, Ahmadinejad said that the declaration is an appropriate framework for exchanging fuel and we are ready to do so upon it.

Concerning dismissing two IAEA’s inspectors from Iran, Ahmadinejad said that we have the right to ask the agency to change its inspectors.

Using peaceful nuclear energy is an inalienable right of Iran and the agency must help member countries, upon its law, to enjoy such clean energy, he added.

All our nuclear activities have been under supervision of IAEA cameras and inspectors and upon the law; the agency has confirmed our activities 14 times.

Ahmadinejad added he wonders why the agency does not issue reports on nuclear activities of other countries, but all reports concerning Iran’s nuclear activities are at disposal of media and enemies.

He continued that Iran is the only country that all reports about its nuclear activities are published in the newspapers and this is a big injustice to Iran.

Is USA not a member of the agency or does it not have any atomic activities? Why does IAEA not publish any report conscerning US nuclear activities while they spent around 80 billion dollars on such activities just last year.

Ahmadinejad said he wonders why the agency had kept silent about countries which have atomic bombs and are producing new generations of them, too.

He added that victor countries in the World War II had approved a right for themselves as “Veto”, around 60 years ago before we were born, but we do not accept such cruelty and if they take vote on the issue, nations will take such a right from them.

Ahmadinejad noted that United Nations was established to prevent cruelty, but nowadays the organization has turned to a device for bullying of a number of countries.

He also referred to the issue of disarmament of the Zionist regime and said that upon reviewing the content of the NPT, the Zionist regime and the USA also should submit their own nuclear reports to the agency and IAEA is obliged to do it for disarming member countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency