Nuclear Weapons May Spread to Middle East from Iran: Henry Kissinger

Israel, Jerusalem, 14 May / corr. TrendNews R. Abddullayev/ The former Secretary of State of the United States Henry Kissinger believes that if Iran becomes a nuclear power, the nuclear weapon will spread to the Middle East.

"If Iran becomes nuclear power, the nuclear weapon will disseminate and it will spread to a number of fundamental regimes of the Middle East," Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State of the United States, stated in Jerusalem on 14 May in an opening ceremony of the international conference Lets Look Forward to Future dedicated to the Independence Day of Israel.

According to Kissinger, the fundamental radical Iran is one of the major sources of Jihad. "We should combat Jihad. The challenge of Jihad is assuming a special international significance," said Kissinger.

"The danger from the nuclear Iran is not only threat to the national security of Israel, but also to the viability of the entire international and world security system," Kissinger added.

Last week, the president of Israel Shimon Peres, organizer of the conference, said in a press conference that some 13 head of state, 5 former presidents, 3 Premiers, 4 foreign ministers, 8 Nobel Prize laureate and 800 delegates more from 30 leading countries of the world, will take part in the conference in Jerusalem.

Source: TrendNews