“Nuclear Forum” In Geneva Has Expressed Optimism About Meeting Trump And Kim

11 June in Geneva opened the conference of the International Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe.

The participants of the event, including former U.S. Secretary of defense William Perry, academician Roald Sagdeev and Alexei Arbatov, and others, expressed concern about the deteriorating situation in the sphere of nuclear arms control. “The situation is constantly becoming more intense, threatening and difficult to predict”, – said the President of the Luxembourg forum Vyacheslav Kantor. He also noted the increasing risk of nuclear terrorist attacks with catastrophic consequences.

The participants expressed great optimism in regard to the meeting between U.S. President Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Without denying the fundamental possibility of agreement on the abandonment of the DPRK nuclear weapons, they declared that this agreement can only be the result of lengthy negotiations. According to William Perry, the talks can succeed only if the United States will be able to provide Kim Jong Ynu reliable guarantees, including guarantees of preservation of his personal power.

Submitted by Netanyahu is evidence that Iranian nuclear program is military in nature, believed only by those who wanted to believe. Others prefer to believe the IAEA. Therefore, the US withdrawal from the Treaty AGREEMENT a number of respected experts consider it a bug, what they said at a conference in Geneva. It was noted that after the US withdrawal from the contract within a year or two Iran can appear nuclear warheads to equip the missile warheads. Speakers at the conference talked about the fact that control IAEA is a sufficient guarantee that Iran complies with all paragraphs of the agreement.

The forum also drew attention to the lack of political dialogue between Russia and the United States. This dialogue, they believe, may be resumed only on the basis of bilateral concessions, but the probability of such events is small. As noted by one expert, Yuri Nazarkin, once headed the Soviet delegation at the talks with the US on nuclear weapons and the outer space Treaty (start-1), today neither Moscow nor Washington did not believe in the possibility of war between them. Meanwhile, in the past this feeling has forced the negotiators to bring them to the end. Similar opinion is shared by William Perry.

The conference, which will conclude on 12 June, will be the final Declaration, in which experts of the Luxembourg forum Express their suggestions and recommendations to major international organizations and heads of leading States to improve nuclear non-proliferation regime for nuclear safety.

Source: The Koz Times