Luxembourg Forum Supervisory Council Members Meet In Moscow

With such call, members of the International Luxembourg Forum on preventing a nuclear catastrophe made a statement in Moscow.

Members of the forum's Supervisory Council are holding their annual meeting.

One of its key topics is how to resolve the deadlock between Moscow and Washington on missile systems.

Analysts say the core difference is over Iran's nuclear program - Washington believes it poses a threat, while Russia does not share that view.

In addition, Russia believes a missile system in Europe would threaten its national security.

Moscow is demanding legally binding guarantees that it is not so, but Washington is refusing to give them.

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warned - if the US continues to deploy missile systems in Europe, Russia would deploy its own strike systems on its borders.

He said Moscow could also pull out of the START treaty and stop nuclear disarmament.

Despite growing tensions, these experts believe a compromise solution is possible.

The forum's discussions also focus on strategic arms reduction, non-strategic nuclear weapons, and the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea.

Members of the Luxembourg Forum Supervisory Council will continue their work in Moscow until Tuesday, searching for new solutions in arms control and nuclear non-proliferation.

Source: Press-TV (Iran)