US – Japan Warning for Iran & North Korea against Nuclear Programme Pursuit

The US President Barack Obama, who is in Japan, along with Japanese Premier Yukio Hatoyama has given the warning to Iran and North Korea against their pursuit of nuclear programmes.

A declaration was issued after their meeting in Tokyo, which stated that the nuclear exercises of these nations are posing threat to international peace.

The US and Japan have urged Iran and North Korea to adhere to their international obligation, with respect to their nuclear activities.

North Korea's latest rocket and atomic tests show that it is still a threat to peace and stability in North-East Asia and to the international community, the declaration said. The declaration also stated that the recent revelations by Iran regarding their new nuclear programme has raised the concerns of international community regarding Iran's nuclear programme.

Japan and the US said they would not allow the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to be further eroded. They also have stressed for solving the issues with these nations via dialogues.

Obama said after the talks that the US was a "Pacific nation" that placed great store on improving political and economic ties with its partners in eastern Asia, adding that both the nations shared similar interests.