Russia Calls for Step-By-Step Actions by Iran, Group 5+1

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and senior negotiator of that country in Group 5+1 Sergei Ryabkov called for reciprocal and step-by- step actions of Iran and the Group 5+1 to settle disputes on Iran's nuclear activities.

Ryabkov told reporters on Tuesday that western countries expect Iran to stop uranium enrichment activity and Iranian officials are asking for cancellation of all sanctions and acceptance of their right to enrich uranium.

He added that these goals will never be achieved without reciprocal and step-by-step actions by both sides.

Ryabkov said that Russia mediation has not been effective yet, but Moscow will continue its efforts in this concern.

He added that Russia has tried hard to exit negotiation between Iran and Group 5+1 from stalemate.

The Russian deputy FM said that Moscow has proposed a step-by-step plan to make continuation of negotiation between Iran and Group 5+1 possible.

Source: IRNA