Iran to Convene Nuclear Conference Targeting Israel

Iranian official says conference will focus on "Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity," stresses that US and its allies continue to "ignore Tel Aviv's looming nuclear threats to the Middle East," DPA reports.

Iran will convene a nuclear disarmament conference that will focus on the international community's "policy of overlooking Israel's nuclear programs," DPA reported on Saturday quoting Iranian official media.

According to the report, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Akhoundzadeh, who will lead the conference, said the conference will target "Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity" and what he said was Israel's refusal to neither confirm or deny that it allegedly possesses nuclear weapons.

"The United States and its allies continue to put pressure on countries like Iran that have no nuclear weapons, while ignoring Tel Aviv's looming nuclear threats to the Middle East," Akhoundzadeh was quoted by DPA as telling PressTV.

Iran has said that its nuclear program is meant solely for peaceful and civil purposes.

The Iranian government has told the international community that instead of trying to block Iran's nuclear program development, it should shift its attention on Israel, whom it accuses of running nuclear activities covertly, DPA reported.

Meanwhile, Iran announced this week that it will shift its production of higher grade uranium to an underground bunker and triple its production capacity.

The announcement received condemnation by the west, with the US calling it a "brazen" example of Tehran's defiance of international obligations.