Expert: trump statements about start-3 talking about the misunderstanding of the importance of nuclear parity

The statement of the President of the United States Donald trump of disadvantages for Washington Russian-American Treaty on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start-3) lack of understanding of the importance of the basic principles of strategic stability and parity in the field of nuclear weapons. Such opinion was voiced on Thursday to journalists the President of the Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe Viatcheslav Kantor on the sidelines of the presentation of the book “the Prevention of crisis in nuclear arms control and catastrophic terrorism.”

“The main sphere of cooperation of the two powers will be a long time connected with limitation and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” – said the expert . “The President’s statement Donald trump about disadvantages for US the start was a lack of understanding of the importance and basic principles of strategic stability, parity and predictability in this critical area of international security,” he said.

Kantorrecalled that the parity and the inability to apply unpunished first strike nearly half a century was the Foundation of strategic stability. “Now the mutual confidence this gives the start-3 Treaty, limiting strategic nuclear weapons of the two sides and letting them know the details of the nuclear forces and programmes of their development from each other,” he said. Chapter Luxemburgische forum also noted that in Russia annually attracts up to 18 inspection teams who have the opportunity to visit the silo launchers of Russian missiles, submarines, mobile launchers, and heavy bombers. “Same thing we do in the United States,” he added.

Thus, transparency in the nuclear field, according to the expert, “is one of the guarantees of stability, because if the parties are poorly informed on the status of each other in this area, the potential enemy will be exaggerated”. “If he exaggerated, then measures will be taken to compensate for this exaggerated potential, said Kantor. – A system with positive feedback, which leads to loss of stability and the arms race”.

In February this year the US President Donald trump said that the start Treaty is more beneficial to Moscow than to Washington. “This is a unilateral transaction”, – claimed the head of the American administration. However, the us military command not only expressed its intention to comply strictly with this agreement, but also pointed to the need to maintain global stability and security. In March, the head of Strategic command of the armed forces of the USA General John Khayten said at congressional hearings that the output from the new start Treaty would create the risk of starting a new arms race.

On the Luxembourg forum

The international Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe was established by the decision of the International conference on preventing nuclear catastrophe, held on 24-25 may 2007 in Luxembourg. The Advisory Council now includes 49 most reputable and well-known experts from 14 countries. The forum is one of the most representative non-governmental organizations uniting leading world experts in the field of nuclear non-proliferation, reduction and limitation of armaments.