Ahmadinejad: US is not master of the world

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that the US is not master of the world and urged the new US Administration to honor the election campaign pledge of change in dealing with other countries. 

President Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a press conference with domestic and foreign reporters in Tehran on Thursday.

He said the whole world is now on the verge of change and the new US administration should make at least two changes.

The first change should be occurred in the US interference in the affairs of other countries; he said adding that a government reserves the right to interfere in the world affairs without seeking others opinions.

The root cause of all wars and conflicts in the world lies in such discrimination and blatant interference of the US administration in various parts of the world, he pointed out.

"Why the US interfere everywhere such as in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, he said the US should serve its own nation. It is none of their business what is going on in Africa or Asia."

He said that the second change should be made in US approach in dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Although the US has adopted a hostile and spiteful approach in dealing with Iran but their pressures have urged us to be independent, said the Iranian president.

These pressures have urged to have an independent economy, culture, politics, industry, agriculture, science and technological know-how, he said.

On the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, he said that victory of peoples in Gaza is regarded as a victory for all freedom lovers around the globe.

Gaza is victorious, underlined President Ahmadinejad adding that there is no doubt that the Gazans are victorious of this unfair war.

Victory of people in Gaza, is the victory for all free nations against savage and atrocities and crimes, he said.

The key to success of people in Gaza is their resistance and no military aid outside territory could help them and they should rest assure that the Zionists cannot overcome them, underlined President Ahmadinejad.

Neighboring states with Gaza should let the humanitarian aid and medical supply be dispatched to people in Gaza, he said adding that Iran along with several other countries have urged Egypt to reopen Rafah border point.