William Perry about Luxembourg Forum and US-Russia Relations

"The Luxembourg Forum has had successful meetings for more than a decade, highlighting nuclear dangers to the world and making concrete and constructive proposals to lower those dangers. In particular, they have consistently pressed for constructive official dialog between the USA and Russia in the nuclear field. During the early years, the LuxForum was one of a number of unofficial (Track 2) dialogs underway, but during the last decade many of the other Track 2 dialogs have been discontinued, which is exactly the opposite of what should have happened. As the tensions between the USA and Russia increase, so does the danger of a nuclear catastrophe. And in the absence of any significant official dialog on how to decrease those dangers, a much greater burden falls on Track 2 dialog. While we would like to see a much more robust Track 2 dialog in this critically important field, we are prepared to continue and strengthen the LuxForum to close this unfortunate gap in dialog"

William PERRY, former Secretary of Defense; Professor, Stanford University