US Has no Legal Standing to Trigger UN Sanctions on Iran

Sharing his viewpoints regarding the US unlawful efforts to reimpose sanctions against Iran, The Executive Director at US Arms Control Association Daryl Kimball noted that the US has no legal standing to trigger UN sanctions on Iran.

He added, "It is clear to all that the Trump administration declared its withdrawal from the JCPOA in May 2018 even though Iran was clearly meeting its obligations under the agreement. Now that the United States is no longer party to the deal, it does not have legal standing to trigger the re-imposition of UN sanctions under the terms of UNSC 2231 (which was the 2015 resolution that recognizes the JCPOA). I fully expect the other parties to the JCPOA, and the vast majority of other law-abiding nations around the world, to ignore the Trump’s administration’s unilateral and counter-intuitive interpretation of its right to snapback UN sanctions on Iran.

In the coming weeks, it will be important for all remaining JCPOA parties to reaffirm their support for the agreement, for Iran to reaffirm it remains committed to meeting its Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) obligations, and for Iran to indicate its willingness once again scale-back its nuclear program to comply with the limits set by the JCPOA if the United States agrees to return to the deal and waive the sanctions reimposed by the Trump administration since 2018."

Source: MEHR News Agency