Meeting the Challenges of a New Nuclear Age

Ed. By Robert Legvold and Christopher F. Chyba

The Spring 2020 issue of Dædalus, “Meeting the Challenges of a New Nuclear Age,” guest edited by Robert Legvold andChristopher F. Chyba, examines some of the possible escalation pathways that could lead one or more states to use nuclear weapons. Featuring fourteen essays authored by a diverse group of security scholars, physicists, statesmen, and political scientists, this issue of Dædalus explores the dangerous multipolar nuclear order that has emerged from the end of the Cold War, with an emphasis on the major powers of the United States, Russia, and China. The authors highlight the increasing risks of nuclear use in the twenty-first century, while proposing steps for reducing that likelihood in a time of rapidly deteriorating U.S.-Russian relations. The intent is to capture the essential features of the nuclear world we have entered, and to stimulate among policy-makers and the engaged public a recognition of the challenges that it poses. This publication features the following essays by the members of the International Luxembourg Forum: A Nuclear World Transformed: The Rise of Multilateral Disorder by Steven Miller; The End of Arms Control by Linton Brooks; Why Arms Control? by Jon Wolfsthal; and Cyber Warfare & Inadvertent Escalation by James Acton.

Robert Legvold is a Marshall D. Shulman Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science and the Harriman Institute, Columbia University; Ph.D.

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Source: American Academy of Arts & Sciences