Address by the Supervisory Board of the International Luxembourg Forum


by the International Luxembourg Forum’s Supervisory Board

(Moscow, December 8-9, 2009)

In the context of the final stage of US-Russia strategic arms reduction talks and in light of the upcoming 2010 NPT Review conference, the International Luxembourg Forum’s Supervisory Board addresses the leaders of the P-5 and other states and international organizations with the proposal to undertake the following urgent steps:

1. We call on the USA and Russia to undertake all necessary efforts to finalize the work onthe new START to replace START-1, which was strongly recommended by the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe. We welcome the decision of the United States to cancel the plan of the ballistic missile defense deployment in Europe, which is in line with the Luxembourg Forum Supervisory Board proposal of December 2008

2. We express our appreciation for the determination of the leaders of the USA and Russia to conclude a new Treaty and for the work done by the two teams of negotiators during the short time to achieve this goal. A final and decisive effort is necessary to resolve the remaining controversial issues of START counting rules, strategic weapons conversion for conventional warheads, elaboration of strategic forces’ transparency, predictability and verification regime. We call on the leaders of the two states to take the process of negotiationsunder high priority control and to take political decisions for the achievement of the breakthrough. This is the way major steps in nuclear disarmament have happened during the past 40 years of bilateral and multilateral negotiations. We urge both governments to sign the new Treaty early in the year 2010.

3. Achieving the new START Treaty will be the US-Russian contribution to the success of the 2010 NPT Review conference, demonstrating nuclear weapons states’ determination to live up to their commitment under the NPT Article VI. The new Treaty should facilitate progress at the NPT Review Conference: on the enhancement of the IAEA safeguards (including the universalization of the 1997 Additional Protocol), non- proliferation of critical nuclear technologies and materials, provision of the unequivocal security guaranties to NPT non-nuclear weapon states and other measures to tighten and enhance nuclear non-proliferation regimes and mechanisms.

4. The International Luxembourg Forum’s Supervisory Board deplores recent Iranian declarations and actions in defiance of the UN Security Council and the IAEA resolutions. We urge the Iranian leadership to reconsider its position and abide by the terms of the UN Security Council and IAEA resolutions on the subject. This is the only way for Iran to prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. We consider it crucial to avoid further rise of tensions in the region and the world at large. Nuclear and missile tests by DPRK have further undermined regional and international security. New steps in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation would provide a favorable background for resolving the Iranian and North Korean nuclear problems on the basis of the diplomatic agreements.

5. In order to maintain the momentum of the new beginning in the nuclear disarmament process it is imperative that USA, China, India and other countries ratify without delay the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Leaving the Treaty in limbo opens the risk of resumed nuclear testing, reigniting arms races.

6. Successes in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation should facilitate an early start of US-Russian negotiations on deeper strategic nuclear disarmament and de-alerting with the aim of reducing strategic warhead numbers down to 1000 or lower for each side; to provide for involvement of other P-5 states and non-NPT nuclear states in the process of nuclear weapons transparency and limitations; to ensure US - Russian and other states’ cooperation on joint development and deployment of ballistic missile defense systems; to proceed with agreements on sub-strategic nuclear weapons (in parallel with the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty revival and enhancement); to reinvigorate the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty negotiations; and to initiate practical negotiations on prevention of weaponization of Outer Space.

7. The International Luxembourg Forum’s Supervisory Board expresses its appreciation of and support for the proposals of the Report of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament “Eliminating Nuclear Threats”. We consider it to be an important further development and elaboration of the reasoning and recommendations of the Report of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission “Weapons of Terror”.