Watch the Chinese Government Casually Drive a Massive Nuke through Afternoon Traffic

News has gradually been emerging about China’s secretive efforts to perfect the DF-41, believed to be the world’s longest-ranging nuclear missile, able to strike the U.S. from anywhere in China. Despite China’s close guarding of their nuclear program, they gave the world a very public peek of what is believed to be the DF-41 earlier in January, when the government strolled the weapon casually through midday traffic on a sunny afternoon in Daqing, a city home to more than one million people in Heilongjiang province.

Once again, in 2017 the prospect of nuclear war tops the world’s fears. Last week Pakistan successfully tested its first nuclear-capable missile from a submarine. According to Business Insider, simulations show that should Pakistan and India engage in nuclear war, 50 Hiroshima-size nuclear bombs deep, more than a quarter of the Earth’s ozone layer would disappear in under just two years. Of course, rivaling China’s missile parade in terms of nuclear dick-waving is President-elect Trump’s Twitter campaign, in which he called out North Korea for their own terrifying nuclear testing. Most infamously, Trump tweeted in December that the United States should build our nuclear capability, later clarifying that he was interested in an “arms race.”

Even before Trump axed our nuclear weapons security chief, experts were warning of the dangers of Trump’s cold war era mentality of fending off (encouraging) enemies by creating and bragging about increased nuclear capabilities. However, some, like President of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe Dr. Moshe Kantor, as voiced in December an article penned for The Independent expressed hope that Trump could be right – that getting along with fellow nuclear leader Russia might not be the worst thing. However, the overall consensus is that he’s dead wrong about more nukes being the way to go, as not only does it increase the risk of war between two developed nations, but it increases the risk of terrorist groups grabbing ahold of one as well as accidental launches that can happen from human error.

Some slight comfort in a time where China parades their nuclear missiles capable of striking the U.S. through the streets and Trump impulsively tweets that we need more of the world-ending weapons, should China fire one our way, we have a defense system set up in Guam that if all goes well could knock such a missile down before it strikes.

Source: Death and Taxes